Reliable Virus Clean-up


Take Action Before Your Files Are Compromised

Is your computer infected with a virus or malicious software? Take action immediately before your files are compromised. 
At Florida Coastal Computer Sale & Services, Inc., our experienced team of computer experts can preform all types of malware and virus removal. Wether it be those annoying malware pop-ups or Trojan viruses, we can help! 
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Reliable Virus Clean-up

Operating System Wipe and Restore

As our standard operating procedure, we do extensive scans on your computer after the virus has been removed to make sure that the threat is thoroughly gone. 


However, in certain cases, some complex virus will replicate and/or destroy files and the virus removal procedure will leave the system files corrupted. 


If this happens, your computer will need a complete operating system wipe and restore to fix the problem.